‘I Collect Coins’

Posted March 9, 2017 5:47 pm by William Purkis under Project updates

Imitative dinar, LDOSJ JE71.

After a busy six months in the Bearers of the Cross project world, and ahead of this month’s final public lecture at the museum, this is the first in a series of quick blog posts to let you know about a few updates to the website.

First of all, Rosie has written a wonderful series of essays discussing the museum’s collection of crusader coins. The collection includes coins from Byzantium, the kingdom of Jerusalem, the county of Edessa, the county of Tripoli, the principality of Antioch, Frankish Greece, Cyprus, and Cilician Armenia. The essays are all now available via the Interpreting the Collections pages, and can be enjoyed either on their own or while listening to this …

More updates to follow very soon!



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