Graffiti Wall

Medieval pilgrims to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre often left a mark of their journey by carving a sign of the cross into the building’s walls. One by-product of this devotional graffiti was the creation of stone dust, which was probably collected and carried home as a relic.

In 2017 we encouraged visitors to the Holy City, Holy War exhibition to share their thoughts by adding a note to our graffiti wall. A selection of their comments follow – and we encourage visitors to this virtual exhibition to add their own thoughts using the submission box below.

Fascinating exhibition

I’m really intrigued by the tangible examples of what the Holy Sepulchre meant to crusaders and pilgrims – very powerful.

Lovely to have the photo enlargements of the coins and seals.

Didn’t know the order was so old and founded in Jerusalem. Greetings from Germany.

What on earth made those Crusaders believe such rubbish?

It was truly special! I felt I was in a different world.

The museum gives material for thought, prayer and meditation. So much effort, blood and toil for what.


As a medieval history enthusiast this is fascinating! Such a wonderful display.

Excellent exhibition real insight in to the Holy Land & St John’s mission.

An amazing place and beautifully presented objects.

The history of Christianity is so complex and so poorly understood…

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