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Casts of an unidentified seal.

2297 1200 - 1299 Museum of the Order of St John

Three casts of the same pointed-oval-shaped seal with a patriarchal cross in the centre surrounded by an illegible seal.Two casts in green plaster, one mounted on card with paper label, the third c...

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Seal cast of the Penitenciarius

4518 1200 - 1299 Museum of the Order of St John

Pointed oval; a patriarchal cross, fitchee between two keys, legend surrounding whole.

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Casts of a lead bulla of Master Roger des Molins.

3603 1185 Museum of the Order of St John

Six casts of the same seal impression. Obverse: Grand Master kneeling facing right, praying in front of patriarchal cross, legend round outside. Reverse: body in shroud with cross at head and foot,...

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Cast of a leaden bulla of Grand Master Guillaume of Villaret

4567 1296 - 1305 Museum of the Order of St John

Cast of a circular seal. The obverse shows knight facing laft praying by patriarchal cross with A W beneath the arms. A legend surrounds the scene. The reverse shows a body on bier, with a standing...

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Casts of seal and counter seal of Richard de Turk, Prior of England

4036 1165 - 1170 Museum of the Order of St John

Seal is pointed oval with design of the Master kneeling in adoration to the right before an altar on which is a patriarchal cross. A small oval counter seal with impression of an antique oval intag...