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5682 1100 - 1500 Museum of the Order of St John

Bronze mortar, cast. It has a flat base, and a bulging body with 11 tapering vertical ribs on outside and a pierced projecting lug.

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Casts of an unidentified seal.

2297 1200 - 1299 Museum of the Order of St John

Three casts of the same pointed-oval-shaped seal with a patriarchal cross in the centre surrounded by an illegible seal.Two casts in green plaster, one mounted on card with paper label, the third c...

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Cast of leaden bulla of Grand Master Nicholas de Lorgne

3633 1278 - 1289 Museum of the Order of St John

Obverse: Grand Master kneeling facing left, praying in front of patriarchal cross with a spherical knot at the foot upon a tripod stand, legend around outside. Reverse: body in shroud with cross at...