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Seal cast of The Temple, Bristol

4031.1 1200 - 1299 Museum of the Order of St John

Circular with agnus dei design surrounded by legend. One cast mounted on card with paper label.

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Cast of seal of Grand Master Guerin de Montaigu, 1207-1228.

2201 1207 - 1228 Museum of the Order of St John

Cast of ciruclar seal. Obverse shows half length figure of a man, full face with a cross on his left breast. Around the edge of the cast reads: Collection des Arcives Nationales.

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Cast of a seal of Ogier, Grand Prior of France

2223 1191 Museum of the Order of St John

Cast of circular seal with a right facing bird in the centre. Above the bird, to the left, are the letters D S. A legend surrounds. Around the sides of the casts read: Collection des Archives Natio...